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Dated 09/01/10, Revision 8


This Repair Station Manual has been combined with the Quality Control Manual and structured into a single manual system, and has been prepared in accordance with current Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the policies of Performance Aircraft Services, Inc. (Hereafter to be referred to as P.A.S.I.).

This manual explains the internal inspection system in detail, including the continuity of inspection responsibility.  It gives samples of inspection and maintenance forms used and their method of execution.  The manual gives a detailed explanation of the following portions of the inspection system: incoming materials, preliminary inspection, hidden damage, inspection continuity and final inspection of the article being maintained at this facility.

The general repair, overhaul or alterations of products will be performed in accordance with the current Federal Aviation Regulations, current overhaul manuals, drawing packages with industry general shop practices, service bulletins, related Civil Aeronautics Manuals, technical orders, airworthiness directives or other technical data approved by the Administrator for the particular rating.  This repair station will not maintain or alter any item for which it is not rated, and will not maintain or alter any article for which it is rated if it requires technical data, equipment, materials, facilities or trained personnel that are not available.

The technical library and this Repair Station/Quality Control Manual, required for the operation of this repair station, will be maintained in a current status at all times.

Each Key Personnel and Inspector will receive and read a current copy of this manual, and sign and date a log, which is kept on file in the Chief Inspectorís office, acknowledging that they thoroughly understand its contents.  It will also be available to other repair station personnel.

This manual has been approved by the Performance Aircraft Services President/Accountable/Manager and the Chief Inspector.

Section IX

A.            General

B.            Inspection Personnel

C.            Inspectors, Mechanics and Supervisors

D.            Parts Receiving Policy

E.            General Test Requirements

F.            Work Order

G.            Record of Work

H.            Preliminary Inspection & Incoming Inspection

I.              Inspection for Hidden Damage

J.             Progressive Inspection

K.            Major Repair and Alteration of Aircraft, Fuel Cells and Components

L.             Inspection Procedures

M.            Handling of Parts

N.            Tagging and Identification of Parts

O.            Part Finishing

P.            Preservation of Parts

Q.            Shelf Life

R.            Scrapped Parts Procedure

S.            Incoming Material

T.             Hardware and Equipment Storage

U.            Record of Specialized Inspection, Test and/or Calibration

V.            Record of Inspection

W.           Final Inspection and Release to Service

X.            Maintenance Release Statement

Y.             Malfunction or Defect Report

Z.             Mechanical Reliability Reports

AA.          Responsibility for Submitting Reports

BB.          Inspection Stamps

CC.         Procedures for Internal Audit Surveillance

The Quality department shall conduct an annual internal audit of the facilities, procedures, documentation, and functions of the repair station. The audit will consist of evaluations or findings, corrective actions, and follow-up evaluations. Follow-up evaluations shall be done by non-quality personnel for compliance.  All findings and corrective actions will be reviewed by the Chief Inspector and the VP of Operations. The audit findings will be on file in the Chief Inspectorís office.    


To review PASIís REPAIR STATION \ QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL in its entirety, please contact PASI.

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