FAA Approved Sealing Process

EF-5992 Sealant
EF-5992 is a product that was derived from the older EFC-100 family of sealants. EF- 5992 comes in two colors gray and clear. The gray sealant has been qualified under the AMS3278 spec and has been qualified under this spec for use on military aircraft. The clear sealant has been approved by the FAA for use on most commercial aircraft. This sealant has proven to have a much higher adhesion property than the current poly-sulfide. Years of testing with this sealant has proven that leakage of fuel tanks is drastically reduced and corrosion will not form under this sealant. Aircraft that have received this sealant have seen weight reductions of up to 700 lbs.

Specializing in fuel tank
and fuel bladder repair for:
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