Company History

Founded in 1993, Performance Aircraft Services, Inc. is a women-owned small business specializing in aircraft fuel system maintenance, foam removal and installation, fuel tank removal/repair/installation, and structural repairs. Since its founding, Performance has experienced steady growth in size and in capability. In our early years, Performance’s expertise emphasized all aspects of fuel tank maintenance on commercial and general aviation aircraft. Through development of innovative solutions to persistent and chronic issues that plagued commercial aircraft, Performance applied these same solutions to similar chronic problem areas in military aircraft successfully eliminating major issues impacting military mission-ready capability.

Performance Aircraft is an FAA 145 certificated fuel tank maintenance and structural repair company, located at various locations throughout the United States, with our corporate office at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport. We have many professional and industry certifications. One such certification by Meggitt (formally Engineered Fabrics Corporation) authorizes us to maintain and repair aircraft bladder tanks as well as certification as both installers and trainers for EF-5992, an innovative solution to heavier, less flexible and in-opaque fuel tank sealant coatings available. PASI has successfully converted over 200 aircraft to this outstanding product using an innovative Performance-developed high and medium pressure water stripping process. We are also noted experts in the older, traditional methods of stripping and traditional materials for sealants.

We have been recognized by industry engineering experts such as NAVAIR and Foreign Military Sales leadership for our technological processes and for our total customer experience from inception through post-completion relationship. We were awarded the British Aerospace Chairman’s Award for our innovative, and highly effective, solution to a chronic fuel tank issue that arose during the manufacturing process for the BAE 4100 aircraft.

Specializing in fuel tank
and fuel bladder repair for:
  Military • Government